An email arrived this morning detailing a very strange-sounding event:

VOLCANO FUN DAY, Holyrood Park Saturday 8 October, 11am – 3pm. A family activity day all about volcanoes – explore modern and ancient volcanoes and meet the scientists who work on them. There will be hands-on activities, films and information indoors, and outdoor excursions to Arthur’s Seat, including a chance to try out the Rock Operator iPhone app!

Holyrood Park Education Centre, 1 Queens Drive, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh , EH8 8HG.

Volcano Fun Day? Parents! Why not peg your children in the path of a lava flow? It’s fun! Shortly to be followed by Malaria Fun Day, I’m sure.

Actually, it’s not without precedent. One of the US volcanology web sites has a mascot in the shape of a cute cartoon volcano with big goo-goo eyes. Right – so we should have Vicky the Volcano, Ernie the Earthquake, Larry the Landslide, Freddie the Famine, and Billy the Bubonic Plague, all drawn as cute cartoon characters.

Volcanoes are not fun. Volcanoes are not cute. They are natural disasters. They kill people.

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