Bullet in the brain

On 1 August this year, a story appeared in the Guardian concerning a man who turned up at King’s College hospital, south London, complaining that he’d been shot in the head.

To the shock and amazement of the triage nurses, this man explained that he had just been shot in the head and had caught [...]

Ground motion complexity

Here’s a puzzle for the ground motion modelling community. We all know that the average strong ground motion model computes motion as a function of magnitude, distance, fault style (usually) and site conditions (usually). Imponderables that also affect it include rupture direction, slip distribution, and path effects (refraction, reflection and interference as waves are transmitted [...]

Natanael Berg

I mentioned a few days ago the first symphony of Natanael Berg (the second symphony is rather a more convincing piece, by the way). I thought I was reasonably au fait with Scandinavian composers of the late Romantic period, but this name was quite new to me. He seems to have been something of an [...]

Another great Alaskan earthquake ...

It is truly astonishing some of the things you can find on the internet. Take this, for example. I’m deliberately not providing a link to the original. Read it, try and work out the meaning of it.

At 5:36 p.m. Alaska Standard Time (3:36 a.m. March 28, 1964 UTC), a fault between the Pacific and North [...]