The great move, part 2

Here is a picture of the room I’m moving to, in its pristine state. Better view (top floor instead of ground floor), but faces onto the road so a bit noisier. It looks bigger than the old room, but that’s largely because it’s emptier. Time to clear out some stuff …

The new office – [...]

3.5″ discs

In the course of moving out of my old office, I’m trying to throw out what I can, which is usually a struggle for me. One problem is deciding what to do with boxes of 3.5″ discs. It’s a long time since I had a PC that would even read these, though actually, I could [...]

20 years ago!

I reckon this was taken in October 1990. Left to right: me, Peter Suhadolc, Ina Cecić. Location: the lakeside at Bled, Slovenia.

Bled, October 1990

Old photos

I found a box of old photos in a drawer today. I had no idea they were there. They seem to date from the early 1990s. Here’s one example. I’m pretty sure this is Athens, in 1995. People I can make out, from left to right: Siasi Kociu, front left; Vladimir Schenk, right at the [...]

Magnitude and energy

One question that crops up from time to time from the public and the media is why the magnitude scale is dimensionless. Why do we not talk about an earthquake of being “4.5 Richters” in size? Today I came across a paper written by Richter in 1965 which I had not seen before, entitled “Historical [...]

The great move, part 1

Unusually, in the 30 years I have worked for BGS in Edinburgh, I have only moved office once. And that was probably about 20 years ago now. So the fact that I am about to move office for the second time is something of an occasion. It won’t be quick, for a start; I have [...]