A new approach to seismic risk

One of the problems with handling seismic risk for the broader community (public, politicians, etc) is that those who do the calculations (the seismologists) tend to speak a different language from those who are supposed to be receiving the benefit. In particular, seismologists handle risk (a) numerically, and (b) probabilistically. This is fine for the [...]

More terminological cacophony

I recently came across a document using the initials IBGMPE – for “intensity-based ground motion prediction equation”. Comment on the inappropriateness of “prediction equations” will be found in a previous post – but “intensity-based ground motion”? What is that, but intensity itself? Four words where one will do!

ESC now and 40 years ago

The programme for the 2010 General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission at Montpellier is now available from the conference web site.

It’s interesting to compare it to the programme for the 1970 General Assembly, held in Luxembourg, forty years ago.  Apart from the Gestetner printing, one obvious difference is that it’s in French! I would [...]