Tribal words for earthquake

In cases where the a study is being made of historical earthquakes in a low-seismicity and largely pre-literate area, one sometimes sees the argument made that the language of the local tribe has a word for earthquake, therefore they were familiar with the concept, therefore the area has been subject to earthquakes in the past.

Unfortunately, [...]

What's in a word? - Earthquake

The word “earthquake” is much the same in most languages. Take the word for “earth” and some word meaning “shaking”, and you have “erdbeben”, “tremblement de terre”, “terremoto”, “zemětřesení”, the list goes on. What is slightly curious is that in English the shaking word is “quake”, which is a less familiar term than “shake”. In [...]

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In this blog I will be writing about earthquakes, seismology, life as a seismologist, and anything else I feel like. Some of it will be technical. One advantage of a blog is that it’s a good way to publish ideas that don’t merit a professional [...]