Safety valves

The fullest account of the impending prosecution over the L’Aquila quake that I’ve seen so far is on the Nature web site.

Most of the web traffic that I’ve seen has been strongly supportive of the seismologists in the case, though one issue that has been raised is whether it was said by anyone that “there [...]

The L’Aquila affair

Many posts and emails have been exchanged regarding the recent decision in Italy to press charges of gross negligent manslaughter against several seismologists for failing to provide adequate warning of the destructive earthquake that hit the city of L’Aquila on 6 April last year, with the loss of over 300 lives. Two examples of the [...]

Ante hoc ergo propter hoc

I see I’m extensively quoted today in connection with the mysterious Italian vanishing toads … here’s an example of the story as it appeared on the Guardian website. It adds another instance to the large collection of reports of unusual animal behaviour preceding earthquakes. Rikitake published a large collection of such reports a few decades [...]