H.G. Wells on

We hear so much about “expert judgement” and “panels of experts” … here is what H.G. Wells has to say:

Now Newton, Darwin, Dalton, Davy, Joule, and Adam Smith did not affect this “expert” hankey-pankey, becoming enough in a hairdresser or a fashionable physician, but indecent in a philosopher or a man of science.

From “A Modern [...]

The great move, part 2

Here is a picture of the room I’m moving to, in its pristine state. Better view (top floor instead of ground floor), but faces onto the road so a bit noisier. It looks bigger than the old room, but that’s largely because it’s emptier. Time to clear out some stuff …

The new office – [...]

3.5″ discs

In the course of moving out of my old office, I’m trying to throw out what I can, which is usually a struggle for me. One problem is deciding what to do with boxes of 3.5″ discs. It’s a long time since I had a PC that would even read these, though actually, I could [...]

20 years ago!

I reckon this was taken in October 1990. Left to right: me, Peter Suhadolc, Ina Cecić. Location: the lakeside at Bled, Slovenia.

Bled, October 1990

Old photos

I found a box of old photos in a drawer today. I had no idea they were there. They seem to date from the early 1990s. Here’s one example. I’m pretty sure this is Athens, in 1995. People I can make out, from left to right: Siasi Kociu, front left; Vladimir Schenk, right at the [...]

The great move, part 1

Unusually, in the 30 years I have worked for BGS in Edinburgh, I have only moved office once. And that was probably about 20 years ago now. So the fact that I am about to move office for the second time is something of an occasion. It won’t be quick, for a start; I have [...]